It’s a little late. I meant to tell you this before. Your “Dream Themes” of Feb.’20 gave me chills! You dreamed about “kobe bean” and in researching it made a spiritual connection to Kobe Bryant. (I did not know the meanings of “kobe.” I thought he may have been named after the city in Japan). You could say that your dream was about Kobe as a spiritual being. 

  I was hiking when I read the notification about Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash. I had checked my phone to look at my mileage walked and saw that instead.

I was so shocked, the blood drained from my legs! Then the news got worse as I learned about his thirteen-year-old daughter and the other passengers.

  I did enjoy reading your dream journal.

Lots of love,

Liz <3

Liz/Moascar (Mar.’20) adds, “Schools here in California have been closed so there goes my income for a while. My place of worship is closed, but its gardens are still open. I’m just gonna’ catch up on my reading, do some hiking and hang out with friends for a while.”


sea shore

Hello, Frances:

           Thank you for a great March ‘20Ninepatch, I enjoyed it very much.  Your introduction article was excellent.  I love mystery-/thrillers also.  I’ll have to check out the author that you mention in the article I burn through them so fast that I need new blood (pardon the pun) frequently. 

We have landed back in Michigan.  Now comes the men-tal and spiritual debriefing peri-od.  I was ready for a rest from all of the activity of exploring and traveling and ready to feel anchored in one place for a while. 

Be well, hope the “doctor-ing” that you mention has been good to you.


Linda Rosenthal

(Mar.’20) adds, “The traveling is grand, I learn so much and I enjoy the many places that we go.  We have discussed going ‘full time’ in the RV. However, I think both of us realize that we need a period of time when we don’t feel rootless.”


Dear Frances;

I have managed to post the magazine for March ‘20, despite difficulties with display and formatting.

In my mother’s dementia case, she was generally fine until the past year or so, when she started having health issues and being medicated for them. Then, we started noticing little things like poor memory and confusion. It wasn’t too alarming at first.

However, over the past six months or so, each physical set-back has brought more dras-tic mental deterioration. In the past two months, she’s started going downhill in leaps and bounds.

Now, her heart’s erratic, which is causing her lungs to fill with water, and her brain’s ap-parently dying off in chunks. (At least, that’s how it seems.) Even more difficult for all of us to handle is the fact she’s now hal-lucinating. She thinks things like that the hospital is sticking her in the woods with bears. Other times, she thinks she’s been tra-veling by train to places she’s spent time in her youth. The upshot, however, is that my sister and I have been having to spend alternating days with her at hospital or the retirement home, cleaning up and caring for her or getting her to appoint-ments.

I suppose this is all part of life’s journey, though, so on-ward I go.

Hope this letter finds you and JK well,



Lynn (Mar.’20) adds, “I’m just grateful I have my sister to cooperate and share with – and that the winter’s been extremely mild. I haven’t had to travel in many storms.”

Dear Fritzie,

You asked if we still go out to eat after church every Sunday. We don’t go to the church where we started going out to eat with friends after services.

I really love the church we attend now.  We were intro-duced to this new congregation about four years ago by another friend. I really like it very much.  (The last church had changed pastors at least three times after we started there. Frankly, I did not enjoy any of them.) 

When I go to worship services, I want to feel the spirit. I want to feel the joy.  I look forward to attending now. 

Take care my friend. Talk to you later.


Patricia (Mar.’20) says, “My husband and I still enjoy eating out with our friends from the other church after services.”


Dear Fritzie,

  I cherish the days I feel good, as if nothing is “wrong.” It’s the time of our lives when we deeply value the years of activity we’ve had and any and all of our body systems that are working well! 

  We had a lot of wind and drenching rainstorms yesterday here in Atlanta.  The prayer flags on my balcony were soaked dur-ing the day but by this morning are flying in the breeze sending their blessings out to the city.

    At present I am holding steady awaiting my next PET scan and its outcome.  I have been fighting a bad cold and my immune system has needed a lot of help to get through it. Finally, I’m on the go again, babysitting for my grandchildren all weekend. 

Take care of yourself, my friend,



Mary (Mar.’20) adds, “I so treasure my time with the grandkids.  They give me the impetus to keep my life force strong and as healthy as possible.”


Dear Frances,

You mentioned you know several people named, “Linda.” I know I have a popular name! (Maybe it was a certain age group?) During my senior year of high school, there were seven of us named, “Linda!”

You also said you enjoy a women’s discussion group you attend. I go to a women’s Bible Study group on Thursday mor-nings at my church. It is great to have time with only women!

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Mar.’20) adds, “My sister-in-law brings me bags of books to read before she and her husband go to Florida. Lots have been by Mary Higgins Clark. I do like those!”


Hi Frances,

Well, I pushed another creative project to the back bur-ner.  The guided imagery I start-ed with a stamp from almost every country in the world, coup-led with some text and maps, languishes. 

 Instead, I have started a calendar daybook using the dates on postal cancellations I have saved.  Since 1993 I have looked for a canceled stamp with each date of the month.  I have saved almost every day of the year in postmarks and am now pasting them in order in sketchbooks, one book for each month.  I have finished January and am about to start February.

             I’m going to say good-bye for now and get back to hav-ing fun with my daybook pro-ject.  Stay safe from COVID-19!

  Love and cyberhugs,


A January page of my daybook project.
A January page of my daybook project.

       Carol (Mar.’20) adds,

Frances’s hand-made envelope with its cancellation and cheerful ‘Celebrate!’ stamp just arrived. It wiIl make a lovely addition to my March daybook.” 


Hello Frances,

Lots of drama with the Covid-19 news and school clo-sures here in California.

Yesterday my husband and I went to the grocery store and it was packed… and I mean
p-a-c-k-e-d. Worse than Thanksgiving.

Good news! We went to the oncologist yesterday and John is doing fine with the CLL. (A kind of leukemia.) His white count is elevated but it is not alarming. The doc said we are good for six months. He also mentioned that Covid-19 is real! Due to our ages (over sixty-five) we should be stepping back any time we can. 

Ha! That went in one of
John’s ears and out the other. His social groups are small but he is out a lot. I’ll be pressing my husband to pull back!


Georgene (Feb.’20) adds this update, “As of 3/16/20 all John’s activities have been can-celled. He is cut off!”

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