Mae-mae and Gayle

What we think of
As losses,
May be just pauses,
Long or short
As our minds make
May be too-early conclusions.

What we thought just yesterday
Can change the next day,
Like stormy weather
Lasts only so long,

The sun takes its honored
What we count on.

Ahead is what is

Night’s breathing
Has its own rhythm,

The next day
In measured breathing
What others do, we can’t control.
What we only ourselves can do,
We can.

Gayle Bluebird (Mar.’20) adds, “I wrote this wishing that I could have waited – in this case – to send some-thing to someone, or not have sent it at all. But realized things change, our perceptions change.  What happens one day can change the next.  We expect rain tomorrow, the next day the weather will return to sunny skies.”

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