On Foot, Chicago, 2002

Big commotion

On the East bank

Of Magnificent Mile –

A disturbance in the rhythm

Of sidewalk shoppers –

I see

Two people,

Heads cocked similarly

Talking on cell phones

But seem to walk

In different directions.

Dude in suit

Brushes past me, signals

Approaching traffic cop,

Points back,

Woman down! Woman down!”

Behind him, a gray old man


Over fallen wife.

Her extended, flopped-over legs And shoes

I see beyond black knee-high Sidewalk median fence.

A crowd gathers, watching.

Some hold cell phones,

Complete flood over the Hoover Dam calls

To 911.

An ambulance whines in the Distance.

Woman down!”

What kind of strange life is this?

Brian Janisse (Mar.’20) gives us an update. “The clinic where I work is closed for now. More time to get things done at home and love on the family.

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