Chicago, 2002

Blessed beauty man

behind me in L seat

spouting off’

spitting deliberate cusswords

in muffled amused ramblings.

Me trying to make out what pure rambling wisdom

may be forth spewing from his filth

but all I can make out

is the “muthaf–as.”

It’s the sound of the urban preacher

which haunts all our heads

in gurgle murmurs

only here uninhibited

and pure stomp-footed self-giggling,

D–n man!” spirit.

Woman in frizzy graying hair

and denim jacket hanging plump

from her distant eyed shoulders

stares far into the back of

the seat in front of her –

contemplating the status of her own sanity.

A witness to uninhibited freedom

prompts us

to question our own introspections,

wants us only ourselves

to be so

(if only we could be so)


Brian Janisse(Apr.’20) adds, “Living in Chicago, I saw wild characters every day.”

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