I read an interesting book yesterday by Mike Rowe.  The title is The Way I Heard It!.  It is his life story intertwined with stories about famous and infamous people’s lives. You may not have heard the fact he presents from Mel Brooks to baseball great Ted Williams. The book is patterned after Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story.

  Most of the stories I did not know, but some of the details about a few of the people I already knew.  For example, the story about Hedy Lamar. I did know she was much, much more than a pretty actress. The author has an interesting way of tying Mel Brooks and her together.

  The book was a great way to escape the news and reality of the Covid-19 outbreak! 

DVL (Apr ’20) adds, “I go out for necessities as little as possible.  Still a lot of groceries are in short supply like, meat, produce, and paper goods.  I have pretty well cleaned out the deep freeze of last year’s venison so will have to go to grocery store for meat more often.”

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