God’s been working on me to use appropriate eye contact when I sing in the choir.

From the time I was a pre-teen I sang in a church choir. In fact, I have sung in choirs at various churches I’ve attended, and my eye contact has never been really good. 

When I was singing in my first church choir – a competitive one – they kept reminding me to stop looking at the floor. (They realized it was natural for me – an autistic trait – to not look at the choir director.)  Instead of looking at that man, I constantly looked down.   

After all these years, now God has been helping me to look straight forward!

Bookworm (Feb.’20) adds, “I still honestly struggle with making eye contact just like I have problems with how to correctly deal with angry people.  The awesome thing is that I have a God that knows where I am and what I can do through Him.” 

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