Talking Turkey

It was late April. I was sitting in my living room for morning prayers. For some reason I looked up. Outside my window, a turkey appeared! I studied it. It was a real live female turkey, whose feathers reflected the glow of the morning sun, as she strutted around my patio. I scampered to get my camera, but by the time I tiptoed to my window, she was gracefully walking away, heading east toward next door neighbor Allen’s patio. I snapped a photo as she moved next door.

I phoned neighbor Allen to alert him to the bird. When he got to his patio door, she was peering inside! Then he said she sat down, right on his wooden step! (Apparently, she was tired. How far had she walked? Or, did she fly in?)

Eventually Ms. Gobble (as I decided to name her) moved from the step and Allen lost sight of her.

I threw on my winter coat (the temperature was in the thirties) and with Allen’s permis-sion I walked in the grass past his unit over to the next neigh-boring patio. I tried to keep a non-spooking distance, but Ms. Gobble must have seen me. She scampered around the fence over to another home. Backing off, I watched the bird walk back and forth.

She seemed restless. What was she looking for? A place to build a nest? A way back to taller grasses or a less cultivated space?

After my morning ad-venture, I returned to my condo went back to morning prayers and the Luke 24:36–43 reading. In that scripture, the disciples “… in their joy were disbe-lieving and still wondering.”

My thoughts returned to Ms. Gobble throughout the day and eventually I went out to check on her. She was either gone or hiding.

Rachel (Apr.’20) adds, “Mrs. Gobble was a rather good-looking bird, much more interesting than the white ones that grew by the thousands on my parents’ farm when I was a teenager.”


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