Watching the fallout of


grimness confined to

inside spaces,

people weary, looking for


businesses closed,

restaurants empty,

masses out of work

the question begs


where is the money

going to come from?

Whoever wanders streets

goes a lonely path,


Even the homeless are not

asking for money.

We lack touching,

emotions are showing raw

on our faces, new wrinkles set in that no face cream will ever smooth.

But life still waits for us.

My window

looks out at trees and flowers

seemingly unaffected.


Gayle Bluebird (May’20) adds, “We all will have stories about our time in isolation. Some of our stories will be happy ones. At times we are creative, hopeful and even joyful. We might have gotten something done that sat begging us to do something about, our closets, for example. But I think it is safe to say that for most people this time is challen-ging. As I write this, things are opening up in Florida. Time will tell whether this was a good move. But it is good to see people out and about, eating on patios of restaurants, buying again, also working being productive for it is hard not to be in this society.”

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