Dear Frances,

Good luck with buying a new printer and getting it online! You said you’ll need help and have to wait to get it over the phone. I hate to be put on hold, too. Sometimes there’s no other choice except to make the best of it.

That’s sure how I feel about the way things are right now. It’s such a mess!

Take time for yourself in all of this. Take a deep breath and think of some-thing you enjoy!

Thanks for Ninepatch!


LindaSue (June ‘20) says, “All we can do is wait and pray. God is in control!”



I looked outside yester-day morning to see if the geese, ducks and muskrat were outside and they were. There was also a second Muskrat! A bit smal-ler. I was told they weigh from two to five pounds as adults.

The first charmer is pro-bably four to five pounds a-lready. The second one is to two to three pounds. They come up and eat together and go back to the same living quarters. So, the big guy got himself a partner!

July 2020

I wonder how long they will stay. I don’t know the sex of either one. I hope there aren’t going to be babies. Guess I will find out.

Hope all is well.

Talk to you later.


Patricia (June ‘20) adds,

Think I will call the game warden again and ask a couple more questions!”


Dear Frances,

After much testing, I have been diagnosed with a heart condition. Living with it is a whole new adventure for me.

One thing that is hap-pening is I am slowing down. First, taking it easy was caused by my symptoms. Then the medications I took made sure of it!

I am having to practice acceptance. And, I continue learning (for a change) to put myself and my needs ahead of my husband my kids and others, too.

I was a nurse and taking care of others came naturally to me. Changing the focus has taken some getting used to.



Nancyann (June ‘20) adds, “Really! All is well with me. It’s the world that’s crazy! (And it is!)”


Hello Frances,

You mentioned thinking about the slogan, “One day at a time.” I couldn’t agree with you more with regard to this pandem-ic! There is an element in the population who seems selfish about not wearing masks and respecting others. It’s very frustrating. For some to make mask-wearing a political issue – what can be said about that foolishness?

Where you go when you come north for the summer – Goshen, Indiana – makes me think of the Amish there and our local population of them. I’ve seen only one Amish woman wearing a mask at a local store. They do seem to respect the social distancing, though. I go frequently to one of their discount groceries; that’s where I’ve seen the distancing behavior.

As for the rest of this county, the infection numbers keep rising. There’s an example near where we live. Apparently, the local produce hauling trucking firm has a raging outbreak of the virus. We know that from Bill’s friend who manages the trailer park where two of the truck drivers live.

Bill and I just keep doing what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s all we can do: be vigilant and responsible and hope for the best.

We are a-okay. It has been hot and humid here for several days. Not my favorite weather to work in, but it is work

and so many don’t have it now. I don’t complain too much.

Enjoy your activities, stay safe,


Linda Rosenthal (June ‘02) adds, “I look forward to a vaccine! Meanwhile. I garden and craft with my beads. That helps any anxiety that I have.”


Hi Fritzie,

Each day in May was still much the same as April. I did a craft project for the Children’s Room at the library. Now I am working on another craft project My husband’s niece brought over. It’s not my thing but it does give me something to do. It can be displayed at my funeral as something I did when the Covid 19 virus kept us home.

I hope you and JK are still virus free and not driving each other too crazy!

Take care!!


Muffin (June ‘20) adds, “I’ve found that walking every day helps, too.”


Hi Frances,

My mentor always said: “Who are you? What do you want? What’s important?” For decades, my response has begun with,” I am a strong independent woman who . . .”

July 2020

After sheltering in place for two and a half months, my answer has changed rather sig-nificantly as follows:

My beloved Bella, on one of many walks.

I am a well-rested com-fort chef and dog walker who keeps close ties with loved ones while pursuing a variety of per-sonal interests and earning money when necessary.

After eighty days of rest and freedom, I am CLEAR about this.


Sherryl (Mar.’20) adds, “For once in my life, instead of intellectualizing to find the answer, I was able to just relax and let it show itself.”


Dear Frances,

You asked about Dan and me. We broke up at the begin-ning of October. After nine and a half or so years, it was blatantly clear that we weren’t “going anywhere.” I decided I was better off on my own. So, I left.

It was about then that Mom’s health started fluctuating, and my sister and I spent the holiday season sharing the job of supporting her at the retirement home and hospital as needed, and trying to work and celebrate the holidays.

Then, just about the time that she and I figured we’d be dealing with Mom’s death, her wallet got stolen. Immediately, the whole Covid 19 thing hit and our kids got laid off. (My sister and I are both continued working.)

Not so coincidentally, as soon as Mom found out that going to the hospital meant po-tential Covid infection or an extended stay, she quit getting sick! She has been doing fine in the home.

Be well!


Lynn 🙂

Lynn D. (June ‘20) adds, “When I read about you and JK being quarantined together, I know it must have its benefits and detractions. I’m glad – in a way – that I am not dating any-one. I’ve received many benefits from being single through all of this. One is I’m like finally being able to live in one home – my home! I’m having time to care for and enjoy it, too!”


Hey Fritzie,

We have reached a period of time where each person needs to decide for themselves just what they are comfortable doing or not doing. A few weeks ago, my family and I decided to meet up (outside if weather permitted or in my garage if rainy).

There were eight of us and we did a good job social distan-cing. I, however, did a good enough job of staying away from people that I was comfortable ditching my mask.

The weather was drizzly, but we did have the big door open part of the time.

I think it went well. It was good to be together.

Let me know when you and Jim have your summer plan set.



Chantal (June 20) adds, “I always think about someone who is asymptomatic for Covid 19 and a ‘super-spreader.’ It could be anyone—even someone in my family. I’m too old to take chances!”


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