Our county became “green” today. We are ready to open up, but masks still need to be worn and social distancing observed.

Shopping is still a bit tedious. At most stores a count-taker keeping track of the num-ber of people going in. When it reaches a proscribed limit, others must wait to enter.

Yesterday I went shop-ping with a friend at a major national store. We arrived early and were counted when we stepped inside. When we left, a line of people near the door snaked down the sidewalk and into the parking lot. For a mo-ment, I could not figure why do many people were “gathered” on the sidewalk!

After staying home most of the time for so long, having to go out was an effort. I had to re-member my pocketbook, shop-ping list and the *$#! mask! (I’ve taken to hooping the mask around my ears with the cloth part under my chin.) There’s a mask in my car, one in my purse and one in my coat pocket. When I am in the store shopping, I notice people are staring. That’s when I realize I have not pulled my mask up over my nose and mouth!

I remove the mask once I am out of the store. (I have noticed a slew of people wearing their masks while inside their cars. I’m not sure why that is unless they’ve forgotten they are wearing them. I doubt they wear them at home!)

A century ago, the gov-ernment ignored mask-wearing and other special measures. The president didn’t want to panic the populace by making safety proclamations. The so-called Spanish Flu spread like wildfire and killed thousands in our country alone. (Millions were dead world-wide by the time the virus “died” about a year later.)

Sick soldiers, Ft. Riley, Kansas 1918

What happened was opposite what withholding information was about! People panicked! When folks got to-gether for a parade or some other public function, the virus spread quickly. Many attendees got sick and died within days. Blame was heaped on President Wilson.

We can joke about Covid 19 if we want, but this virus is deadly serious –nothing funny about it.

I see a “good” aspect, too. Staying at home is one time it is actually okay to sit and watch TV all day (Not the news, though!) It’s also a good thing to use social media and keep in touch with family and friends.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.


Malaina (June ‘20) adds, “My cats! They are healthy. Mostly, they are concerned why I am staying home so much!”

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