One of my most memor-able childhood experiences happened when I was about four years old. I was terrified.

I followed my big brother who was then thirteen, out to gather eggs and feed chickens. A marsh was below the hill where the chicken house stood. While my brother went for eggs, I went down to the marsh to see the ducks.

Our big white Leghorn rooster was down there. He started to chase me! I ran up the hill screaming for help with the rooster in hot pursuit.

My brother stepped out of the chicken house with a hatchet. It was kept by the feed barrel to chop ear corn. He drew back and threw the hatchet! When it hit the rooster, I thought my brother looked like a hero from a movie.

Whatever Mom had planned to cook for supper was changed to fried chicken.

DVL (June ‘20) adds, “Revenge was not only sweet but it tasted good, too!”

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