I finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The author grew up in Mississippi and her family had a maid named Demertrie who she dearly loved. She always wished she had asked Demertrie what it felt like to be black in Mississippi, working for her white family. (It never occurred to her to ask.) Demertrie died when Kathryn was only sixteen.

Kathryn spent years imagining what the black woman’s answer would be and that is why she wrote the book.

The book brings up a time when black women were expected to help raise white babies, and yet could not use the same bathroom as their employers.

I loved the book! Not a dull chapter in the lot.

Dottie (May ‘20) adds, “Nice to get in bed, read and move into another world for a while. Trouble is I get sleepy too soon so don’t read that much in a day.”

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