From our Facebook page Week 4, May 2020: “If you saw someone cheating on a test, what would you do?”

DVL (See also “Rooster” in FABRICS) says, “If it were just a test about knowledge and I was taking the test, I would double down and do my very best to try to score higher than the cheater.

On the other hand, if I was giving the test, I would come unhinged, tear up the cheater’s test page and stomp on his/her computer and go into tirade about how cheaters never win! I’d give cheaters the ex-ample of the Aaron Burr/ Alexander Hamilton duel!

Hamilton set his trigger to give himself a cheating edge. His pistol went off prematurely and his bullet struck a tree. Burr cold- heartedly fatally shot Hamilton!

So much for cheaters!”


Georgene (See her button this issue.) comments, I would ignore them unless, as in Frances’ example, they were try-ing to copy my paper. The cheat-ing I saw was ink notes in the palm or slips of paper in sleeves. Most were caught by the teacher anyway. I prepared for tests (I was a good crammer but not such a good retainer) so I was usually buried in trying to do my own work.”


Fred (Oct. ‘17) adds, “It’s a dilemma. If you don’t report it, you are aiding and abetting. If you do report it you are being a tattletale and may be accused of being sanctimonious. I think you handled it well by taking a smoke break and confronting the cheater directly.”

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