Dear Frances,

You say you are thinking about what to do with the money the president sent. Fun to think-shop. I grew up in a poor family, one of six children.

(The only girl!) Luckily, like you, I do not actually enjoy looking at things and going store-to-store. When I do shop, I use a list to stay focused.

Now, I live on Social Security and while it is fun to think about what I might buy, my money went into my savings account. It will help cover my bills for another year.

You asked how many books I read a week. Maybe six or seven. I read two devotionals and the Bible every morning. (Reading it cover to cover a second time, going slower.) I also enjoy mysteries. I like watching for clues and trying to figure out who-did-it!

Our Stay-at-Home order finally expired back in June. Things slowly get better.

All I can do is pray a lot and take matters one day at a time!

Hang in there! God bless you.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (July ‘20) adds, “I am still staying a home a lot. A few things have changed, but not so much. At least the riots and protest are over.”


Hi Fritzie,

Sorry about your friend with the heart problem who was seriously isolating and still tested positive for Covid-19! I wonder how she got it?  As much as possible, I try to limit going anywhere.

Whenever I’m out and pay cash, I put paper and coins in pocket and wash them in hot soapy water as soon as I get home.  Guess I can add money laundering to my resume as well as running drugs from Mexico. (My wife’s prescriptions are about nine cents on the dollar compared to US prices.)

Hang in there and be safe!


DVL (July ‘20) adds, “Fritzie emailed me she cooked slumgullion. (Never heard of it! Had to have my techy wife look that one up on the computer.)  I will try it soon.  Never met a hamburger dish I didn’t like.  When I was in high school most days mom would cook me three to five cheeseburgers for me. (Probably why I had a quadruple bypass at age fifty-five!)” 


Dear Frances,

Delighted to still be part of the Ninepatch family!

We’re staying in like everyone else I know who is in their eighties. (Can’t afford to do otherwise!)

And, my husband and I are actually enjoying it!



Nancyann (July ‘20) adds, “My husband and I are sweethearts these days. Thank you, God!”



You say you and JK are “Just at home.” Right! My husband and I have been just at home a long time now. We do meet our rosary group on the front lawn of the church every Tuesday, but frankly, no one has much to say. We have not done much.
     This week, John and I have rented a room at a resort hotel on Mission Bay for one night – just to have a change of scenery. We plan to just hang out on their patio and watch the water for an evening and morning.
We like to sit outside. In California during June along the coast we have the “June gloom.” Coastal low clouds come inland and the mornings are overcast and cool. We enjoy our patio then. Our patio is on the “cool” side of the house and we get some nice time out there before the sun comes over the
house and it gets too warm.

Have a great day!

Georgene (July ‘20) adds, “We postponed the hotel night when the news of increased Covid came out. We will try again in August. We took coffee and dessert to our Rosary group last week and we enjoyed some social time after prayer. Being outside, we could distance and, as it seems anytime there are refreshments and people, we found we had more to say!”


Hi Fritzie,

You know what? I can’t say as I blame you for not coming North right now. It seems to me that seeing (or being with) people outside your “bubble” just isn’t worth the risk.

Speaking of my “bubble,” I went over to my son today and sat on the deck with them for about an hour and a half. The weather was nice and was enjoyable to see them and my granddaughters.

Good to hear that you’re keeping in contact with people through Zoom. Probably interesting to hear what may be going on COVID-wise that way too.

Hope things get better for our country soon! I’m concerned about an uptick because of all the marches.



Chantal (July ‘20) adds, “My granddaughter had a Zoom session with two fellow students for a college report they were working on as a group. The guy in the group was in the country of Jordan!”



At first, I had trouble wearing a mask. Many of us on the autistic spectrum have skin sensitivities. As a kid I didn’t like being touched and had to have therapy to learn to accept a gentle touch. Masks are like touching.

I’ve worked at wearing a mask and am happy to say I can finally manage it.


Bookworm (May ‘20) adds, “I understand there is a pandemic going on, but you’d think people would be a bit more understanding.”



Sorry to hear you aren’t packing your bags for Indiana – yet! Our library is still only picking up holds because our county cases have surged.

I’m back to work there, but work in new book preparation and seldom encounter people.

My husband does the shopping – mostly with a mask. I just go to work and come home – no mask needed.


Muffin (July ‘20) adds,One change is we are going out to eat. My fear of the virus has been overcome with my not liking to cook!”


          Thinking of you as I take this “old fashioned” pen in hand.

Best wishes,


Linda Rosenthal (June ‘20) adds, I reach for my fountain pens before the ball-points.  They are so smooth to write with and they make me slow down to write, which is good because I can easily scrawl something indecipherable.


Hi Fritzie,

  I am still at home. I have been taking short walks to strengthen one hip, but not my usual one hour a day. Hope to arrive back at long walks little by little.  

CNN has been keeping me company. My apartment is very comfortable, and my front porch has kept me happy. I am able to see from there trams and cars pass by, people enter into my local grocery store, Migros, down in front.

My mood is at a good place.  Hope all is well chez toi, (at your house.)  Keep up your good work!  I always look forward to reading your latest news!  Wanted to put in a smiley face. Ahhh, la voila!

Bisous (Kisses) from me to you!


Betsy (May ‘20) adds, “Come to Geneva and stay with me!  I have a desk in my study where you could continue to send out your wonderful messages!”



I meant to tell you! Ever since you wrote about watching the British detective series, “Vera,” and reading the books, I also have been reading the books by Anne Cleeves.

I really liked The Crow Trap. Her book, Telling Tales was hard to get through but Hidden Depths was good. I

like the fact that there is more Vera in Hidden Depths.  I see the character Vera as an important archetype – especially for post-menopausal women. 

  Anyway, thanks for bringing Ann Cleeves and “Vera” to my attention. I plan to get a streaming subscription to the British video production company Acorn after I finish the books. Then I will watch the “Vera” TV shows. 

Love and hugs and y’all stay safe!

All My Best,

Sherryl Acey

Sherryl (July ‘20) adds, “I agree with your idea of remaining in ‘slow down’ mode. In that space I see myself differently. The person I see when I slow down is the real me – I’m happy to report she is happy!” 


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