I don’t watch news – a good thing. If I do, I’m left with anger or depression, always upset with the eternal yikity-yak. It stirs a constant round of repetition in my head, something that I’ve never been happy with.

I catch up with the gist of endless broadcasts at the weekly Sewing Circle. The Friday meeting started again in June. The room that the church lets us use was opened up to the outdoors to allow a cross breeze. (The day was just nice enough for that.) We enjoyed fudge and coffee and kept our social distance while catching up on happenings or just … enjoying the peace and quiet … amid the traffic rushing by on the street.

I worked on a quilt top. I’m not exactly sure just how many quilt tops I’ve stitched together on the sewing machine during all the Sewing Circle days. The jelly roll design is my favorite design. I’ve gone in several different directions with it using matching or contrasting material, all found in a left-over bin or donated or purchased earlier in the year before Sewing Circle started. Making the quilt tops is more exciting than making myself SIT STILL AND QUILT!

My neighbor suggested I sell the tops. Guess I’ll have to try that sometime or the other.

Stripes of a jelly roll quilt top.

Malaina (July ‘20) adds, “Fabric strips are presented like a ‘jelly roll,’ for sale in stores. At home they are opened strips are sewn end-to-end, then attached on the sides creating a striped quilt. Lots of fun This photo of an unfinished jelly roll quilt is from a pile by my bed. It is folded so you can see the colors.

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