Recently, I purchased a wonderful little book called Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal by Lori Deschene.  It has helped me put the days into perspective and live gratitude.  I don’t know if you have seen the book or not, but she uses the same technique that you do in your books and on the Ninepatch Facebook page. She offers questions or statements like: “Even though my life isn’t perfect right now, I’m fortunate to…” or “What do you most appreciate about your body, and why?”  

It also includes opportunities to color, which tickle me.  I bought a box of Crayolas and have indulged!  

I wish I had purchased the sixty-four-color box: more shades to enjoy.  

Linda Rosenthal (See her letter in AROUND THE FRAME) adds, “Part of the reason I bought the book was an excuse to use the new fountain pens, too. I open it up to random pages and jot down what comes to me.  What a comfort in these times!”

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