Not long ago, I read a book my daughter mailed me for Mother’s Day. It’s by Marlo Thomas and Phil Donohoe. To celebrate their fortieth anniversary, the couple wrote, What Makes a Marriage Last. In the book they interview forty lasting celebrity couples. Traveling from New York City to L.A., Phil and Marlo asked each pair questions. (Many were second marriages and lasting.)

One couple included was Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter who had then been married seventy-three years. Rosalynn was nineteen and Jimmy was twenty-one when they married in July of 1946

It was wonderful to see the wedding pictures of each of the forty couples.

Kay(July ‘20) adds, “A bonus chapter featured the Guiness World Record’s oldest living married couple who were wed in 1939: Charlotte and John Henderson of Austin Texas. Marlo and Phil interview them, too!”

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