Never think you are


Where you are.

Life is a staircase on

Which you can fall,

But get up again,

Go on,

To the next

And to the next phase of

Life. I see once again

New horizons,

New visions looking out

Another window where

New flowers grow.

I tell myself, “Stand ready,

Be ready to take

A new journey” –

An answer to my prayer,

To keep safe, to travel

On as yet an unknown path,

Trusting what must be,

What is, where you go,

An ahead unknown, unseen…

Gayle Bluebird (July’20) adds, “Perhaps you can tell I had some hesitancy about moving to a new place and some anxiety about the future.  (Another poem might have said I was downright annoyed at moving as quickly as I did!)  But then I reconnected with trust that the unknown holds adventure ahead.   I embrace the unknown because you have to.”

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