From May 2020: this topic brought several comments. What small change has made a difference in your life?”

Simon Stargazer III (July’20) said, “Deciding, after a few weeks in my first serious job to work on being less of an introvert and be more interactive. It has been a long process. After sixty years I am still working on it.”


Liz/Moascar (June ‘20) commented, “I am learning to be on time for appointments with friends. For years I mostly ran late. I am being more realistic about estimating the time it will take to arrive at rendezvous.”


DVL (July ‘20) replied, “About two years before I retired (almost ten years ago) I started to keep track of my monthly income and expenses. Wow! That was an eye-opener!”


Frances Fritzie (Editor) said, “In the past, ‘discussions’ often became arguments. Unpleasant! Now I have learned I don’t have to ‘be right’ or ‘best.’ When I find myself on the slip-pery slope of a discussion, I can back off and say, ‘You may be right.’ or ‘We can agree to disagree.’”

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