One recent afternoon, I left the house with plans to pick up my mail, and go out to eat.
When I came out of the post office, my car wouldn’t start. The key wouldn’t turn! I tried several times.
I tried to call my son who lives in town, but couldn’t reach him. I then reasoned I was for-tunate that I was only two and half blocks from home. I started walking.
At the first corner, I saw a police car and another car. When I approached, one of the two policemen asked, “How far down the street are you going?”
I pointed down the street to where I live. He gave me a serious look. “We have a report of vicious dogs in the area. We are watching them, waiting for animal control to arrive.” He continued. “It’s good you stop-ped. You could have gotten bitten!”
I explained, “I am walking home because my car won’t start. I left it at the post office.” I half-turned and pointed back at it.”
The blue-uniformed man indicated his partner sitting in the car. “He knows a lot about cars. Maybe he can help.” The man leaned into the police car and spoke to his partner.
His partner nodded and showed me into the police car. We headed back to my car.
When we got to the post office, I gave the officer my keys. He got in, inserted the key and started the car!
Wide-eyed I asked, “What did you do?”
He shrugged. “It hap-pens. Sometimes the key won’t turn. All you do is turn the steering wheel!”
That’s something I think everyone should know.

June Poucher (Aug.’20) adds, “I went on to eat out and had a delicious spaghetti sup-per. I brought home enough left-over for two more meals!”

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