The end of the porch where I grow
plants and flowers

I guess the call of the wild front porch has been over-powering. I’ve sent out only one recipe newsletter this summer. It’s not that I’ve been so busy. (Hmm, I wonder why!) My front porch, as messy as it gets, is my sanctuary and haven. I’ve been answering its call.
As I sit on my porch, I review the summer so far. We haven’t had much rain here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, mostly occasional thunder storms or showers moving through. But today, we enjoyed what was an almost-all-day shower! It was the kind of rain that falls steadily, soaking into the ground.
Our temperature was only in the upper fifties! (Yep-pers! It was a sweater-wearing day for the most part. I had to dig one out. I enjoyed a cup of hot – yes, hot – coffee while the showers fell.)
This summer hasn’t been at all like the Noah’s ark summer of 2018 when rain literally fell each and every day. That weather saying of Mary going over the mountain in June
“…if her skirts were wet, rain would fall through the summer…”
Well, Mary not only got her skirts wet, she was pure hard down soaked!
The end of the porch where I write.

The end of the porch where I write.

Malaina (Aug.’20) adds, “The frost crickets have been a little late buzzing away. Normal-ly, they start their buzz-saw caterwauling in April or May. I heard a few back in June. To-night, they are making merry and buzzing away. I sorta wonder what the weather will be like in September. Then, again, I like Mother Nature to surprise me. I don’t care what she brings! I enjoy her perplexities any ole way – as long as the humidity stays DOWN.”

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