I read two books about Civil War battles this summer.
I visited Gettysburg back in the early Seventies with my young children. My thought at the time was, “What was General Lee thinking?”
This summer I read two books about the Battle of Gettysburg. As a non-military person, the battle ground looked to me as an impossible task for the Confederate Army. This summer I got to reading about the Battle of Gettysburg.
The first book I read was Pickett’s Charge by Phillip Thomas Tucker. What piqued my interest in this book was the introduction. It explained why the charge was tactical brilli-ance of a master plan that went awry. The book details the valor of many and the catastrophic failure of a few.
The second book I read was Brigade of Gettysburg by Bradley M. Gottfried. This book details the actions and timing of all the brigades of both Union and Confederate soldiers that fought and died there. It goes into the reasons of why each brigade either succeeded or failed.
Both were interesting and enlightening.

DVL (Aug.’20) adds,
“I’m looking forward to read-ing. Editor Frances’s third book, Riding the Amish Bus. Have you actually ridden the bus? Don’t think I would with the Covid 19 virus in full blossom. When will this virus trouble ever end?”
Editor’s note: I’m not quite finished writing the above mentioned third book. Once I am done, the pages go through at least of year of writers’ groups’ comments and corrections followed by Beta Readers’ input. Last, I send the pages to a professional editor! All this is before I make a cover and do all the publication work!

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