Never think you are


Where you are –

Life is a staircase on

Which you can fall,

But get up again,

Go on,

To the next

And to the next phase of Life.

I see once again

New horizons,

New visions looking out

Another window where

New flowers grow.

Stand ready,

Be ready to take

A new journey –

Answer to my prayer,

To keep safe, to travel

On as yet an unknown path,

Trusting what must be,

What is, where you go:

Ahead, unknown, unseen.

Gayle Bluebird (Aug.’20) adds, “Moving to North Carolina! Greensboro, where are my son and family, grand-children: Maya, Timothy, Lovely Lily and India. Planning had been in the works but sped up a bit due to unforeseen circum-stances to be explained later! Excited!”

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