around the frame – oct 2020

Dear Fritzie,

I enjoyed reading your September’20 Ninepatch. The part about your childhood experiences with measles got me thinking. I don’t remember not looking out windows or staying in dark rooms. I had measles three times: German, red and three- day which were mild. However, Mom was adamant about NO LIGHT and NO READING with chicken pox.

I still have a scar on my right arm from scratching the pox! As I recall, Mom washed me down with baking soda and water to keep the itch in check. But like you said, relief was short-lived.

I can also relate to not being able to turn the key in the ignition like June Poucher.

I had that problem with my ‘04 Nissan Titan. Usually shaking the steering wheel would do the trick. One time that didn’t work so I sprayed WD40 in the ig-nition. I don’t recall having trouble with it again! (Just traded off that old truck last March.)

Also, Gayle Bluebird mentioned moving to Greensboro, NC. That area is one of my favorites in the Mid-south. It has mild summers and winters and the people are friendly. I believe she will enjoy living there.

Liz/Moascar mentioned visiting Sedona, Arizona. I first got there when I was working. I delivered Maytag washing machines from Newton, Iowa to Sedona. I told my wife what a pretty place it was. When we had a few days off we flew to Phoenix and rented a Mustang convertible to tour the south west. It was after Labor Day when we left here – cool, jacket-type weather.

When we lit in Phoenix it was 109 degrees. My wife kind of wilted but I was used to the desert heat. One day when we were on the highway, we saw a sign for a vegetarian restaurant in Sedona. My wife said we have been really eating too much. Why don’t we try that place?”

As we entered the building, she was facing the wall but I had a full view of the restaurant. Finally, I could not contain myself any longer.

I asked her, “Do you notice anything strange?”

She said, “No.”

I said, “Turn around!”

We were the only male/female couple in the whole establishment. Oh well, no one ask us to leave and the food was good!


DVL (Sept.’20) adds, “My wife and I still enjoy traveling.”


Dear Fritziedryasabone,

You say you had a lot of “rain” when those twin hurricanes came through the Gulf. Rain? What’s that? Here in Southern California I don’t remember the last time it rained! (We’ve had fires and more fires!) We had some real gully washers at the beginning of the COVID shutdown. (Oh, how foolishly hopeful we were back then -thinking this would all be over in the foreseeable future!)

School started here the end of August and today was my first day of subbing for virtual classes. The principal set me up with two computer screens: one to interact with students and the other to play an informational video from their teacher. It went OK. The Eighth Grade Science students were most helpful and very sweet.

It was a strange sensation being in school with no stu-dents. I was kind of nervous to begin with but everyone assured me that we teachers were all in the same boat.

Stay safe!

<3 Liz

Liz/Moascar (Sept.’20) adds, “I stopped in at an Indian grocery store after a hike in the vicinity and bought a turai – known as ‘ridge gourd’ in English. It doesn’t have much taste. I looked it up and found it is loaded with health benefits such as reducing sugar and purifying the blood. I just ate it in a stir fry and feel incredibly healthy already! I enjoy buying produce which is unfamiliar to me and trying it out.”


Hi Frances,

Things are good here. The terrible fires aren’t af-fecting us much except for fire-fog and ash. Luckily, we are not near the hills.

My new position at work is coming along. I have learned to update and modify the church website enough so that I am not totally crazy with frustration.

My husband’s leukemia is leveling off. (John is keeping on.) He still has a lot of pain and will get a steroid shot next week to help his hip.

I turned in the travel insurance claim for our can-celled Colorado trip. I guess we will see if that insurance is worth the cost. A lot of paper-work was required.

Like so many things, time will tell!



Georgene (Sept.’20) adds, “I hope I don’t have to do this again in November when our Thanksgiving trip is planned.”


Dear Frances,

You say you are tired of this virus. I am, too! So many changes in the way we have to do – and not do – things. I miss going to church and the Senior Center!

I read a lot, too. I agree that the people in my fiction books come to life. They are kind of like people I know, even distant friends.

I wish you well, too. Hang in there. Obey the rules and we will get through this … with God’s help, and in His time. (Lots of prayer is important, too.)

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Sept.’20) adds, “You are in my prayers”

I’m probably not going Zoom with you guys!” I explained my laptop situation.

Mark’s low voice was sympathetic. “Ah, computers!” He added, “We’ll miss you!”

Disconnecting, I sighed and called Best Buy again. The automated report was no different.

Watching me read, clean, and traipse around the house JK urged, “Call again! Talk to a live person!”

Wednesday afternoon a live person answered a new extension I used. I identified myself and a young male said, “Wait a minute! I think yours is about done! Let me check!”

I held my breath. The fellow returned. “Yep! He just has to sign off on it. But he’s gone to lunch.”

Hope filled my voice. “Can I come get it in half an hour?”

The fellow paused, “Make it an hour, just in case.”

“Thank you!” Discon-necting, I glanced at the clock. 3:30.

While I waited to drive and collect the machine, I finished writing notes for paper issue readers. People won’t care I wrote them early. A note is a note!

My three days of having no Internet were not SO tough. I had housework and cooking to do, TV and DVDs to watch and I enjoyed more reading time.

On the other hand, I read no daily email from friends and missed four Zoom meetings! Social connections are especially important while I am isolating.

I sighed.

The laptop repair time reminded me of the months of isolating during this pandemic!

I got through three days without the Internet. I can get through this long wait for a COVID 19 vaccination, too!

I am blessed!


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