Most of the leaves are gone from the trees up here on the mountain. Down on the flats, the colors are still on. Amazing to see a “line” in the tree colors.

During past seasons when snow falls, sometimes the leaves have still been on the trees “below” a certain invisible line. But above it, bare trees are covered with snow.

I love the seasons up here. every one, every year is so different.


Malaina (Sept.’20) adds, “I had written a much longer article, but I lost it by hitting the wrong key on my keyboard. (That happens occasionally.)

I refuse to rewrite anything that took me over ten minutes of sweating blood. One, because it’s difficult for me to remember what all I dragged out of my mind. And two, it ain’t because I’m lazy, it’s just that I really cannot recall what all I had written. And Three – I just ain’t gonna. (Believe it or not, writing is rather difficult for me and to attempt to repeat it is nothing short of – well, I ain’t never.”)

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