I’ve been reading about four books a week for at least twelve weeks! (That’s a lot of books!) Here are several I enjoyed:

1.Gone, A Girl, A Violin, A Life Unstrung by Min Kym

2.Sunset Express by Robert Crais

3.Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott

4.Bobby Gold by Anthony Bourdain (Ya. The late food network one.)

5.The Church Ladies by Lisa Samson

6.Saving June by Hannah Harrington

7.Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts (Not a “romance novel.” I don’t read those.)

8.Final Target by Steven Gor

9.Speaking in Tongues by Jeffrey Deaver

10.Void Moon by Michael Connelly

11.The Night Women by Sara Blaedel

12.The Expats by Chris Pavone

These twelve titles represent my first twelve weeks in isolation! I had bought each book some time earlier but had not gotten around to reading them!

Chantal (Sept.’20) adds,My branch library is now open. I have also checked out a ton of titles there, too.”



I enjoy writer Nora Roberts who also writes under the name, J.D. Robb. I have a reserve on the latter’s new book in a policewoman series: Shadows of Death

Under the name “Nora Roberts” she also has a new title, Hideaway. That one I checked out to read!

Imagine coming up with so many stories! Even writing two books a year is a feat!

Kay (Sept.’20) adds, “This summer I enjoyed reading Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters by Jennifer Chiaverini who also wrote Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker. (I bought the Sisters title for a friend’s birthday!)”


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