around the frame – nov 2020

Dear Frances,

The weather is crazy! Wild fires, floods and hurricanes! The VIRUS!! All that is stressful, then throw in the election!
My most excitement happened a couple of months ago! My older daughter had a birthday. She came to stay with me for the weekend. Together we attended a grand-daughter’s wedding.
I am used to being alone a lot and not seeing many of my family. It was an emotional week.
My life is fairly routine again. I am fine, getting through all of this messy matter. It is my faith in God that keeps me going.
God bless you and keep you safe.
Love and prayers,
LindaSue (Nov.’20) adds, “There are so many needy people right now. I wish I could help somehow. We all do what we can! Prayer helps.”


Dear Francasteamyhot!

About masks: I wear a regular mask – cloth-type. When I am hiking or walking, I wear it around my chin and pull it up when others are coming close by.
News! I have been offered a job helping special ed kids and English-learners with their distance learning on the middle school campus. A lot of it will be outdoors with about ten or eleven students.
Temperatures will be taken every day and we will be masked. I’m not sure how I can be socially-distanced and help kids, but I guess more will be revealed.
I had told myself it would not be worth my while to come off unemployment for less than five days a week, so The Universe was listening! I think the job will last four to six weeks, but who knows!
I just hope I have the stamina to work five days a week!
Love and light,
Liz/Moascar (Oct.’20) adds, “When we couldn’t camp in the Sierras due to fire risk, my friend and I climbed Chiquito Peak.”


Hi Fritzie,
I just got back from the credit union-thought I would pass out with the d–n mask on! (Guess I’ll just go thru the drive-up from now on!)
With our mandatory mask requirement about every-one is wearing a mask. It’s very difficult for me, so I’m not go-ing to many stores. My husband and I go out to eat though, since I can get in most places without a mask.
Muffin (Oct.’20) “Not seeing people is hard – I really miss the social interaction. We do go to friends’ houses for cards and a meal so that helps.”


Hey Fritzie!

I don’t know why you have not been getting my emails. I have been getting yours! I received your letter asking if I was OK. Thought I had better write back to you and sent it by regular mail
I am not down in bed sick, but have been having too many medical adventures! One morning I woke up and no vision in the center of one eye! I am doctoring and hoping for the best. I also have to see my regular doc for too many reasons to suit me.
Bob and I are doing well. But I hate face masks. (They go with all the doctor appointments!) I miss church. We watch on live stream, but it’s not the same as being there.
My saddest report is Mr. Gray got kidney disease and we had to put our precious pet to sleep. Bob and I both sobbed.
Going to close for now,
Patricia (July ‘20) adds, “We still have our cat Tara, a pretty little girl my grandson gave me when he left the state. We like her. She misses Gray. He used to like to go out in the garage a lot. She keeps wanting to go out there to look for him.”


Hi Fritzie!
I also wonder what it will be like when we are all able to get out again. We have established patterns at home and get-ting out will be different again. Between COVID 19 and the political situation, I think it is a difficult time for most people.
We moved into our new home in May so we are settled here. It was a lot of work – physical and mental, but we made it!
It is so nice to have my son and his family next door! It makes the move and all that work worthwhile.
Love to you,
Connie (March ‘19) adds, “The leaves are beautiful here and seeing them gives me peace and I can feel God’s presence with His beauty.”


Hi Luv,
I kind of figured you were ‘isolating’ for JK’s sake. It’s got to be difficult, but is totally understandable. I do truly hope that you’re able to keep JK well throughout this crisis and beyond.
Since my mother’s heart is playing games with her body she can’t risk infection of any kind. I’ve only been able to see her, briefly, twice since my sister and I have been allowed to go into the home, again. While it’s hard, for her, she feels it’s best, too.
Meantime, I hope you enjoy your morning walks!
Lynn D. (Oct.’20) adds, “I’ve gotten so out of the loop with technology that I often need help from my kids to figure out some things. Oh well, I get by.”


Hi Fritzie,
I’ve been silent a while. Apologies for my neglecting correspondence!

(see image below)

Right now, I’m sitting on the balcony outside my apart-ment. I have been watching clouds. A light breeze is blow-ing, and the trees are gently waving in the wind. It’s a lovely day, the clouds on this side of my apartment.
Some of the trees are turning color, a very pleasant setting. That’s just one side of my apartment.
My front view
Here’s the other where I listen to cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles go by. (Only the bicycles are quiet.)
It’s great!
Betsy (Aug.’20) adds, “I live in a very handy Geneva neighborhood. There’s a grocery a couple of floors below me!”

View of clouds from back balcony


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