The other day, I was in back of the house making wreaths from the kiwi vines when I heard pounding hooves. I was puzzled. I couldn’t think who would be riding a horse that fast – THROUGH MY YARD!
I was almost to the end of the “circular” drive that goes from behind the house to the lane. Suddenly, zooming across the grassy yard was a BEAR running for all it was worth. It reached the narrow stretch of woods paralleling the lane., stopped, glanced back, and took off again, pounding the earth in its haste to get away from something.
The only thing I could think of was bees!

Malaina (Oct.’20) adds, “The other day, a mama turkey and her brood crossed the road as I was driving home. They were on the far side of my yard and following a line of old hemlocks toward the woods. (I think this might be the same mama that led her brood through the yard last year when I was out on the porch sewing on the sewing machine.) Where are they all going?”

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