In addition to buying books and using the public library, I also check books out of a nearby local community center’s library.
Recently, I checked out three books in the “Million Dollar Mysteries” series. The five books are written by Mindy Starns Clark. In order, the titles are:
A Penny for your Thoughts
Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels
A Dime a Dozen
A Quarter for a Kiss
The Buck Stops Here.

I found books two, three and four there. I was disappointed that the other two were not in the library. (The series is no longer being printed.)
I was delighted that our local used and new bookstore was able to get me a good hardback of books one and five!
That local bookstore is a blessing!

Kay (Oct.’20) adds, “When I finish books, I recycle them to a friend who thinks I am her reference librarian for reading!”

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