Should you happen
To come by,
Any evening or early
Day, the temperatures,
Just right,
You can see the leaves
Preparing for departure.
The porch is where
You might find
Any one of us (Mae-Mae, Whoever and me),
Reading while reclining,
On a yoga mat stretching,
(Not me, by the way)
Where one can listen
To birds –
Most notably squawking,
Crows –
Mae-Mae stretched where
She can feel the sun,
Me watching, waiting for
Some innocent but unique
Individual, passing by
(It could be you!)
As I write words here,
Us squiggly squatters,
Blissfully at ease,
On a front porch,
Always on view,
The purple painted porch!
We couldn’t ask for anything

Gayle Bluebird (Oct.’20) adds, “I have always liked porches and when I was staying at my granddaughters’ house, we spent a lot of time on her porch. Lots of talking, card playing, eating and exercises. Her house is in a beautiful historic neighborhood, lots of porches, but many of them empty of people.”


Mae-mae lies on the purple porch

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