I hear many questions concerning closing the Ninepatch corporation.
Here are a few:
Q “If Ninepatch will no longer be a ‘non-profit,’ will the news-letters, website and Facebook continue?”
A The newsletter, web site and Facebook Group page will continue.
Q “What does it mean Ninepatch will “no longer be a non-profit?”
A When we stop being a non-profit, Ninepatch, Inc. will no longer be an “official business.” I will not have to hold board meetings or file tax returns and reports.
To you, the reader, it probably means little change except your donation will not be tax-deductible. Also, after December 31, 2020, you’ll not see “Inc.” after Ninepatch in the return address.
Q “If the newsletter continues, will there be other changes to Ninepatch?”
A I am not contemplating changes. Additions, maybe! Anyone interested in a monthly Zoom? ?
Editor Frances

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