Editor’s note: Following is a page from my spiritual journal.

Skies were heavy with gray clouds. I pulled my jacket closed as I stepped out the doors of my local CVS, a prescription in a small white paper bag. As I walked toward my car, I noticed something new in the parking lot. What’s that? Drove by to investigate the small building. They must have put this up over the weekend! Heavy electric lines ran into one side. The opposite side showed two doors. One was marked “Authorized Entrance” and the other read “Patient Entrance.”
I grinned. The vaccine is coming!
JK and I had discussed when we might be able to get the COVID 19 vaccine. Despite new developments, I thought by the end of January 2021 I would be vaccinated. I said, “I hope it’s sooner! I can’t wait.”
JK shook he head a little. “I’m in no hurry. I want to wait until I see how others do.”
What? He’s ninety years old and had stayed home for ten months! Yet, he says, ‘I’ll wait?”
I stepped closer to my husband. “Why?”
Unhurried he said, “I’m just being careful.”
“Careful, schmerful! Haven’t you been watching the news? The developers are being very ‘transparent’. They report what they are doing and problems, too.”
JK didn’t reply to my outburst. Walking out of the room, I didn’t argue, but grumbled to myself. “I’m not going to let you hold me back. If you prefer to not get the shot and just isolate, OK. I’m not going to be your grocery and errand girl this summer. If I’m safe, I’m going North!”
As I went about collecting towels to wash, I thought how hard of hearing JK is. I remembered he doesn’t wear his aids much. Doesn’t he hear the news we watch?
Every evening for the past several months, we spent at least one hour in front of the TV watching news. First, DW out of Berlin gave us a nice world view American TV didn’t offer. ABC provided an interesting story mix. Last, we turned the channel to PBS news with Judy Woodruff
We’ve seen LOTS of vaccine reporting. I know it’s a new kind—an MNRA. I know several companies are developing serum. Companies have run several trials. I have even heard when a problem developed in one trial, it stopped. They investigated, corrected and continued it.
Transparency of development, reporting and trials are new to me. As far back as I can remember, I have taken shots because a doctor said, “This will make you better.” or Mother said, “You need this.”
Trembling and tearful, I took childhood shots. Because it didn’t “take” every year I was vaccinated for TB before I could go to school. I also had tests and shots and even a chest x-ray before I could get my teaching job renewed each year.
For several years when I was teaching elementary school, the school district paid for all teachers and staff to get flu shots. Students were let out early on the appointed day. As directed, I drove to a nearby National Guard Armory for my flu shot. As I stepped through the large rooms of the Armory, I passed photos of National Guard squads and recruiting posters.

The new “shot shack.”

I’m like a new soldier lining up to be inoculated.

I have taken vaccines for years. Eventually I learned those vaccines were either diluted live components or dead ones. This Pfizer product was an MNRA, type which is new. It has none of the actual virus in it. Instead, the serum has an element of its protein. That is intended to trigger a person’s immune system to make anti-bodies to the actual virus. Not that knowing this will matter. A shot is a shot. I figure I’ll get at least a sore arm like I get from allergy shots I take every two weeks.

Roped off line-formation guides are added.

The first vaccinations began in hospitals and nursing homes on December 14, 2020. I drove over to CVS to get an item I wanted. I did not want to wait until later. I’m not sure when the “shot shack” will be used. But when it begins, the parking lot will be packed!

I was encouraged just seeing the “shack” and the cones and chain to show where to line up!

My turn will come! Soon I will be a soldier in the war against COVID 19. I’ll stand in line and proudly bare my arm – just like my father probably did back in 1941.

Frances Fritzie

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