around the frame – jan 2021


I felt sad reading about your dad being away so long in the Army. War has a devastating effect on all of us noncombatants. I know my English parents were deeply affected.

I think the war and frequent bombings are why my mother was anorexic. She was sent out of London to stay with strangers during the Blitz. That happened right after her father died. His death was probably a direct result of being gassed in the trenches during the First World War.

On another note, I recently visited a tea shop with some friends and drank pu’er tea for the first time. I liked it so well that I ordered some of my own! I raved to a colleague about how tasty it is and she recommended I read a book by Lisa See titled The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. It was a fabulous read with the story woven around the resurgence of Pu’er. (I loved it and cried at the end.)

Love and fraggle to you!


Liz/Moascar ( Nov.’20) adds, “I’m hoping to get together with both my boys over the holidays.”


In this strange year at the holiday season, I want to reach out to you. You are so good about staying in touch through Ninepatch – and also clippings of Rabbi Gellman’s newspaper columns.

One of the thoughts that came to me as I was reading Ninepatch a couple days ago is how people show their resiliency in times like this. I en-joyed your writing about your father’s experience in the Pacific during WWII … my father also served in the Pacific (Philippines).

I guess that’s about it for now, so consider this my HAPPY NEW YEARS WISH to you and yours!



Chantal (Dec.’20) adds, “I am committed to my annual Florida visit. I have paid final condo fee and reserved my rental car. I figure the virus numbers are so bad everywhere that I can take the same precautions there that I do up here in the North. I’m with you in that the vaccine roll-out can’t come too soon!”

Dear Frances,

I do not like all the “political news.” Thank goodness most of it is over.

I do watch TV but not a lot. When I get up, I check news and weather, then I turn off the set. I check it again at noon and afterward turn the TV off. Then at six PM I turn the channel to game shows!

My life changed a lot in 2020. (With the COVID virus trouble, everyone’s has!) I still walk across the road to Walmart for things I need. I wear a mask and stay six feet from others.

My senior Center is closed. No activities! I used to get church services over the phone from a friend who has a computer. I think she got the service over Facebook!) Then finally, church re-opened with many precautions. We wear masks and they take our temperatures at the door as well as asking a bunch of questions about who we’ve seen and where we’ve been. We sit six feet apart, too. (Doesn’t feel like the same service!)

I still take one day at a time and pray a lot! Hang in there! This, too, shall pass!

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Dec.’20) adds, “Recently, I got out the needlepoint projects I had saved

for winter.”

Dear Frances,

Decluttering is now fun! I find myself moving furniture and lamps around – especially in my Florida room! I’m moving in and – in a way – also moving out. (Some items are going to a recycle or throw out pile.)

I must put together my End of Life stuff … so this moving, organizing and sorting is contributing to the decisions I have to make.

Love you,


Nancyann (Dec.’20) adds, “One thing I found while decluttering is your wedding invitation from 2004! I thought I’d send it back to you. But, it brings back happy memories, so I’ve put it in my address book”.


Yesterday I was out on Sarasota Bay in gorgeous weather kayaking with three nice women.

Elaine is on the left in violet.

I enjoyed myself but, at the same time, felt familiar and unwelcome depression lurking.

To give me a little lift, I’ve been making iced coffee with sugar in the afternoons to try to charge my personal battery. It is somewhat helpful. We’ll see how this goes.

While walking my dog Jonesy this afternoon, I stopped to talk to another dog-walker. She talked about what a terrible year this has been.

I couldn’t help but think how fortunate we are that we have enough money, comfortable homes, TV, good books and good food, pets, computers, and nice people around us. And we have Zoom!


Elaine (Dec.’20) adds, “I’ve begun taking an anti-depressant. Yesterday I thought it was kicking in, but today I’m not so sure.”

Hi Frances, It’s very busy at work. Seems like having things up in the air for services and such creates more work than the busy Advent and Christmas season does in normal times. Errands… oh yes, errands. With so many people staying home and business cut backs it seems like every place is slow to serve. Places like Joanne’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby are really busy. I think many are feathering their nest to make Christmas more bright.

We have a couple coming over tomorrow for lunch. I’m live-streaming Josh Groban’s Christmas concert. (Love his voice.) We are doing pick up and sitting with good distance be-tween us.

Those items finish our official Christmas activities.

Hope you and JK have a lovely Christmas and that all is well. Peace,


Georgene (Oct. ‘20) says, “My husband and I went to a drive through light show last evening to make our Christmas season a little brighter. It was very, very nice. A far cry from green boughs and a lighted bell strung across downtown streets of my childhood.”

Indoor pickleball last winter.

Hi Frances,

I’ve played pickle-ball Wednesday, and Thursday. Will play again today as the weather has been in the mid-40’s to low-50’s and the sun is shining. We are lucky to play outside this time of year. However, today will be the last day for several reasons.

For one, a few gals are going to Florida, and also, they are taking down the outdoor nets. Even though many are playing indoors, we won’t.

Hope you are still staying healthy and can enjoy the New Year! Best wishes and hugs.


Dottie (Dec.’20) adds, “I’m feeling sad about Christmas. I don’t think I’ll be with family as they are not wearing masks. I feel like they don’t value me since they can’t bother to wear masks around me. Of course, I also feel scared for them. Indiana is one of the worst COVID states. I will drop off gifts at their homes.”

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