I love reading older cookbooks and finding interesting recipes. These cooking guides have changed through the centuries, because with each woman, ingredients are never the same. (Personally, I have never cooked the same recipe twice – at least, I don’t think so. Do “scrambled eggs” count?)

One of my favorites to make is Refrigerator Soup. It’s easy. Take left-overs from the fridge and drop them into boiling water or some soup base. Allow everything to cook for an hour or two. The blend of ingredients is what makes this soup different each time – and – taste so good.

One thing I did learn, however, is to add ground black pepper fifteen or twenty minutes before serving. On the other hand, a cook might allow each person to add their own black pepper and salt to taste!

Malaina (Oct.’20) adds, “My recipe tale originated the Middle-of-Nowhere without harming any critter that is trying to get inside this house for the upcoming winter. I’m doing my best to block them at every turn … and my cats watch my activities as if I’m nuts.”

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