The recent anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor brought back memories of that time. Seventy-nine years ago, Japan bombed that harbor and the ships anchored there. As far as we knew it was without provocation.

It was a cool Sunday morning that December 7, 1941. My sister and I were snuggled into our blankets, still sleeping, when our dad came in and woke us with the news he had heard on the radio. I was thirteen-years- old, my sister fifteen, and we were stunned. The first question we asked was, “Where is Pearl Harbor?”

Dad said, “I checked a map. It’s in Hawaii.”

The next morning at school, it was all the talk in my Seventh Grade. Many of the students had not heard, and only a few knew where Pearl Harbor was.

War was declared against Japan the next day. Very soon young men joined The Services or were drafted and sent off to the military.

During the WWII, at home, we had gas and sugar rationing, and shortages. Other changes happened, too, like women taking factory jobs the men going into the military had left open.

June Poucher (Dec.’20) adds. “I quickly matured during the four years of the war.”

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