I just finished reading a book by Bret Bair. Three Days at the Brink, FDR’s Daring Gamble to Win World War II. The book goes into great detail how President Roosevelt man-aged to keep Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin on the same path – Roosevelt’s path! First, it carefully explains the difficulties with Churchill and Stalin. Second, it tells how FDR over-came the problems and last it covers the logistics of just get-ting to the meetings at Tehran, Iran and Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula.

The book leaves the reader wondering if Roosevelt had lived to see the surrender of Germany. If so, wondering about after the war if FDR had met with Stalin Churchill what would have been the outcome? Would we have had to endure the Cold War for a generation? Or would FDR have listened to General Patton and invaded Russia while the US had their army in Europe!

It is hard to believe President Roosevelt did not in-form his Vice President about the atomic bomb! Had Roose-velt lived would he have used it on Japan? General Eisenhower did not want him to use it!

DVL (Dec.’20) adds, “It is interesting to think that Roosevelt had so much confidence he thought he could deal with Stalin. Personally, I think Churchill had a more rational view of Russia’s leader. That’s what makes history interesting: how one person can make, some-times, a big difference in the world for good or bad.”

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