African lions: Internet photo

Last week I thought of this movie based on the book, “Man Eaters of Tsavo,” It told the real story of two man-eating lions that accosted a railroad crew in 1898 in the Tsavo region of Kenya. The animals were not acting like lions usually do. Maybe they weren’t just ordinary lions, either.

The whole thing is fear had taken hold of the railroad crew. There was a scene where three guys in a railroad car with baseball bats had a lion in the middle of them. One tried to shoot the lion but the creature just roared louder than ever. He roared so loud the men had to plug their ears and run out of the railroad car.

The next morning there was chaos and confusion as the leader, John Patterson, tried to keep order. He was met with accusations, anger and hostility from the railroad crew: “YOU are the PROBLEM in TSAVO”. Out of nowhere Charles Remington arrives and quickly takes charge of the situation by force. Remington’s attitude is a you’re gonna’ do what I tell you to do so I can leave here. End of story! He’s a hunter brought in to deal with the lions. But Remington has something no one there has, and that’s a coura-

geous take-charge attitude. It’s no-nonsense.

With Remington’s leadership the lions are even-tually killed and peace comes back to Tsavo.

Bookworm (Dec.’20) adds, “Lions are going to roar loud in my life. But God is louder than all of them.”

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