Like shifting winds,

As if a hurricane

Hits you,

You always know HARD TIMES will


Those fleeting thoughts,

Those temporary fears,

Those contradictions,

You can almost feel,

The turning of one


To another,

The way it happens,

Is a smile, a word said,

A compliment not expected,

Taking a good look at what

You already know,

What you already have,

The fondness of friends,

The nearness of


Nearness close by,

Always know what you

Have stored away,

You can pull out for

Rainy days –

Or threats of hurricanes,

So easy we are,

If we only knew,

Put good memories

In front of you


While rocking in a good

Rocking Chair –

The only word I want

To spread Today

To myself and to you

Is “Smile.”

Gayle Bluebird (Dec.’20) “If you have had to move in your senior years you probably know it is not easy. In this poem I am telling myself it will get easier, new friends will be made, some-one will smile at me, someone will compliment me. Perhaps this will resonate with you. Maybe you too have a life change ahead; May it be happy with little stress.”

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