I’ve been watching the movie “Rudy” again. What a guy! He was told he was too small to play football and his grades also weren’t good enough for Notre Dame University. The odds were stacked against Rudy Ruettger’s desires. Yet he was given a chance: one semester at nearby Holy Cross Community College. He took that chance and ran with it!

Rudy studied hard. At the last minute, after years of submitting admission letters to Notre Dame, he earned his chance to get in – with advanced standing. He even got a chance to play with the football team!

Bookworm (Jan.’21) adds, “I have been there. I have faced those odds in my life. I was told what I wasn’t going to be able to do in my life. Now, I know that through Jesus all things are possible – all things in accordance with God’s will. He will give me the strength I need to do them. I am even working on taking drivers’ lessons!”

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