I-Pad photo: deer and turkeys (left, half-way up)

My wife and I live on forty acres which are four miles from the nearest town. We see a lot of wildlife in the woods or our yard nearby. Several years ago, I counted over sixty wild turkeys in one flock behind our house! Before Christmas one week I saw seventeen. Following is our adventure during this January.

Not long ago, my wife replaced her old iPad with a new one. One morning last week we were drinking our morning coffee when she saw turkeys coming through the woods behind our house.  After I got up and put on my glasses I saw even more. Two deer were bedded down where turkeys were moving through. A few minutes later all seventeen turkey were around in the front yard and My wife was taking pictures of them. I was watching the iPad screen thinking, “Wow!”  

She went to play back the photos and saw we had nothing! After thoroughly checking, my wife explained it was “operator error” not the iPad. (She is not used to the new one yet.) The photo above is one taken at a distance before the animals moved to the front of the house.

One morning a week later when I was making coffee, the turkeys were back! I grabbed a camera (old tech, low tech) and snapped some pictures. The day was overcast and I did not have my glasses on, but I documented a few of them.

Wild turkeys in the front yard.

DVL (See his book review) adds, “Just read your Jan. ‘21 issue of Ninepatch, (Interesting, as always.)  The article by Bookworm was of special interest to me since those two, Tsavo man-eating lions are mounted on display at Field’s museum in Chicago  They were much smaller than I thought they would be. And, about your story where JK wanted to wait a bit before receiving COVID 19vaccine, I can understand his thoughts. However not being a deep thinker, I think I’ll get mine A.S.A.P!”

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