I’m looking forward to 2021 and my sort-of resolutions!

1. Recognizing that nothing happens unless I make it happen.

2. Cherishing my friends and keeping close to my heart friends who have left me. (Three this past year)

3. Enjoy my new living space that I decorate with peaceful and sensitive artwork.

4. Continue writing (almost) daily poems on Facebook that weave life’s dilemmas and peculiarities backwards and forwards,

but not to be an accomplished poet.

5. Realize and accept that it is time to reject any new projects that ultimately cause me emotional breakdown and stress. (As my good friend

Jean says, “I am done.”)

6. Smile more, cry less, but accepting that being a sad person I need to accept my tears when something taps my mind unexpectedly, to let the tears fall.

7. Know that if I still have a need for recognition and applause it will be with my writing which requires discipline and spontaneity with words. (And also find ways to creatively publish them.)

8. Carefully weigh when to be my advocacy self and when to just accept things and let them be.

8. Spend time doing things to capture my beauty self: healthy foods, exercise, positive thoughts, rest, etc. (Avoid ordering brain capsules, memory enhancers, CBD oils and other miracle drugs.)

9. Keeping close my companion Mae-Mae, my emotional support dog, watching how she communicates what she does and doesn’t want, with squinty eyes.

10. Forgive myself for past (mistakes?), for friends who rejected me for (good-cause?), but accepting myself and loving myself as much is possible.

Gayle (Jan.’21) adds, “I turn seventy-eight in a few days. I am sure my grandchildren will be whooping and hollering, dancing, making jokes, reminding me of years past episodically unusual stories, and demanding that I dance on the table. Other inside jokes as well!”

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