This book was first released in March 1933, the same month President Roosevelt was sworn into the presidency.  The title is Looking Forward and it was written by the president himself.  It has sixteen chapters and ends with his inaugural address.

  Most chapters are an outline of his plans to get the country out of The Depression.  The most interesting to me were Chapter Eight – “The Power Issue,” Chapter Ten – “The Tariff,” Chapter Eleven – “Crime and Criminals,” Chapter Thirteen – “Bank and Speculation” and finally, Chapter 14 – “Holding Companies.”

 .  I will give President Roosevelt credit for being a great speaker and writer.  However, if speaking could solve our problems, this country should be utopia by now!

DVL (Jan.’21) adds, “It saddens me to think after eighty-seven years politicians are still talking about the same unresolved issues. That said, I remember a quote from Roosevelt’s successor Harry Truman, ‘The more things change the more they stay the same!’  Sad but true.”

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