I have subscribed to White House History Quarterly for several years. Recently, I received number fifty-nine which spotlights the Winter Holidays and the White House. It has seventeen articles and beautiful photos showing the inside and outside of the White House over the years.

The front cover pictures President and Mrs.

John F. Kennedy standing in the Blue Room in front of the 1961 White House Christmas Tree. Outside, an Oriental Spruce planted by Franklin Roosevelt on the east side of the fountain on the south lawn continues to stand tall. It is no longer used as the National Christmas Tree. It is the oldest surviving tree to have served as the National Christmas Tree. It has a single red light which directs the presidential helicopter “Marine One” in landing.

White House History is published four times a year. Upcoming issues are:

*Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

*White House Memories Preserved

*Queen Elizabeth Visits the White


*Television and the White House

You can find out more about these magazines by writing to: White House Historical Assn.

PO Box 27624, Washington, D.C. 20038-7624, or Shop. White House, or call 800-555-2451.

Kay (Jan.21) adds, “I have kept all my issues. Sometimes I reread them.”

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