January 2021

Week one topic: “What made you happy in 2020?”

Dottie (Jan.’21) lists:“My granddaughters and family delivering homemade cheesecake and later a carrot cake to my door (See above) as well as a Thanksgiving meal. Calls from my sister, brother and granddaughter, Zoom meetings and can’t forget pickleball which I played outside until mid-December! I am grateful.”


Liz/Moascar (Jan..’21) lists: “Hiking with my friends and finding new places in the neighborhood to explore by foot helped me keep my sanity in 2020!” *

Week three topic: “What do you hope for in 2021?”

Elaine (Jan.’21) “I hope for peace for our country and good-bye Covid19.”


Georgene(Jan.’21) “I hope for my husband’s continued good response to recent medication and an end to Covid19 restrictions.”



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