Adventures in the night

Sounds in the kitchen pulled me from a dreamless sleep. My digital alarm glowed: 2:23 as I heard the front door key rattle in the lock. I was not scared.

I had awakened a couple of hours earlier. On my way to the front room to page through a magazine, I had noticed the garage light was on and ignored it. JK’s going out to turn off that light.

Light from that single bulb blinked off and the darkness thickened. I heard JK return to the house. All’s well! I took a deep breath, rolled over and went back to sleep.

  The alarm read 4:17 when kitchen sounds again roused me. This is the second time I’ve heard JK up! I had better go see what’s wrong.

I heard my husband using the microwave as I pushed my feet into slippers. Now what?

Pushing my feet into slippers

I shuffled to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes. “Hey Sweetie. Why are you up?”

Walking to the sink, JK set down his coffee cup and added creamer. “I got to thinking about some numbers. I got up to try them on my spreadsheet.”

I glanced at the range clock. “4:27.” Almost late enough to get up. OK, I will!

Wearing his house slippers, JK scuffed into his room to sit at his computer and study his “numbers.”

I pulled down the Lipton box and began making tea. I swallowed my morning pills and got dressed. By the time I did all that, I went to check on my husband and found he had quietly gone back to bed! 

Oh well! I’m awake now.

A birthday card waiting to be addressed

Often, I leave a card and envelope at my place on the table – a reminder to prepare and mail it. A birthday greeting lay on my placemat. I sat, completed a personal message, addressed and stamped the envelope. Since I was dressed, I carried it out to the mailbox and pulled up the flag. The plastic-wrapped news-paper lay in the driveway. Re-turning to the porch, I picked it up.

Inside, the house remained silent, so I padded to my com-puter to see if any new email had arrived. Two messages had ap-peared in my AOL account and I responded to both.

   In spite of the Lipton, I began to droop. Still dressed I returned to bed – shoes and all. Lying on my heating pad to relax my stiff back, I was drifting off when JK appeared. “Can I get in bed with you?” 

Now what? I said “OK,” but since I had just gotten comfort-able on the heating pad, I flung back the covers on the bed’s other side. Laying straight on my back and heating pad, I didn’t want to disturb my comfort. 

I want to sleep!

JK climbed in on my left but didn’t settle. He wiggled. Since he is so hard-of-hearing, we had an odd exchange:

Me: “Do you want to cuddle?”

JK: “Muddle?”

Me: (Louder) “No, c-u-d-d-l-e!”

JK: (In an apologetic tone): “I didn’t get that.”

Me: (Sighing): “How about we play spoons.”

JK: (Puzzled.) “What about the moon?”

Me: (Giggling, then louder.) “NO, SPOONS!”

Giving up lying on the warm pad, I prepared to roll onto my side toward my partner. “I’ll cuddle you. Turn over!” He didn’t move and I repeated. “JK! Turn! Your knee is in the way.”

He didn’t budge so I tried to manually turn him from his right side to his left so I could curl around his back.

He didn’t understand my efforts and laughed. “Are you pushing me out?”

Me: (Laughing, too.) “No! Lie still!”

The man was all knees and elbows, but I managed to turn him and curl around his back. We lay quietly for a few minutes before he sat up and climbed out of bed.

What now? Aloud I asked,“Where are you going?”

He padded to the door. “…To the bathroom.”

I dozed off before he re-turned. Later, daylight woke me. I was alone, still dressed and lying with my back again on the heating pad.

No sound came from the rest of the house. I got up and looked for JK. He was asleep in his own bed.

JK and I didn’t sleep well, that night but we did catch “forty-winks” and had a few laughs! And, since we are both retired, we could nap if neces-sary! (Blessings, for sure!)

God always takes care of us.

Frances Fritzie

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