Problems? Like so many other people, I blame whatever on COVID 19! Meanwhile, since this time of year ain’t exactly for sitting on the porch (which is a way to while away time) I find ways to pass time while waiting to get back to normal. (Oh, yeah!)

While we are waiting for the virus to wear itself out, when you’re out and about, please wear your mask, keep your six, and keep using that hand sanitizer.

My daughter hates that stuff because it dries out her hands. I keep telling her to get the product with … “jojoba.” (Is that the word?) It’s what I use and my hands don’t dry out. (I also keep some regular lotion on hand since it’s winter time, and lotion on the body keeps the skin from drying out. My favorite lotion is a goat’s milk base. I buy it from the Internet, not the drug or grocery store.

I am doing other things to stay healthy, too. I’m drinking lemon water, eating A LOT of onion, and sleeping with my window open every night.

Since the mask masks my respiratory exhalation, I’m not quite sure if people are keeping their distance because of the extra onions I’m eating or the virus concern. (I’ll go with the virus.) Who’s to say?

Malaina (Jan.’21) adds, “I do know my cats don’t give a frappe one way or the other how I smell. I feed ‘em and they jump right in bed with me, onion-scented or not.”

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