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Phew! I just finished the Jan.’09 installment of your bus journey. I’m so relieved you don’t have to spend twelve plus hours in a bus terminal. Those places can be energy vortexes. Le’s story “The Birth Certificate” has me salivating. What a great mystery! I hope we discover its resolution.

I’ve been continuing my job search and have also spent time giving without pay. Luckily, changes have begun. I’ve been accepted into a degree program at a local university and have also been hired to work in their tutor lab for this new semester.

For now I’m just putting one foot in front of the other.



Liz/Moscar (Jan.’09) adds, “I’ve just come in from a stroll along the Loblolly Woods trail with a friend: bird-spotting, creek-jumping and story telling!”


Hi Frances,

Please start sending me the e-version of Ninepatch. I will be moving to my oldest daughter’s home in Virginia. That will be “home.” I will live and travel in my newly acquired RV from there. It will take a while to move and get settled, but I hope

to begin my adventures this coming summer.

I got the RV-urge (again) last summer when I went to visit my cousin at her camp-ground. By the end of our weekend together, I was ready to get back in an RV– my own! I thought if I find one I could afford — and in good condition — I’ll go back to traveling. Well, I found one, and love it!

I’ll start out close to Virginia and stay on the East Coast. (I haven’t spent much time there.) Perhaps I’ll go just short trips at first. I’ll have to wait for more planning and see how my ability to travel alone develops. Also I have to keep an eye on costs.

My family and friends are excited for me. They think it’s “… so romantic!” Of course, I know there’s work involved. I have to learn how to travel alone. But, I could use an adventure so I’m willing to try. I’ll take it one day at a time, and trust God.

I have butterflies leaving here. It’s very secure, (maybe too secure) and I’ve made good friends. On the other hand, I’m so bored. I need more to look forward to. So, as long as everything is moving smoothly, I’ll keep going with it.

What does that say about me? Let’s ask your very thoughtful and thought -provoking readers!

It is all a new adventure and I’m excited (as well as a little scared).



Diana (Sept.’08) adds, “I am getting a Thousand Trails Park Membership from a friend, I just have to pay the transfer fee and 2009 membership fees, then I can go to any of their parks all over the US for free. I’m also looking for a Woman’s Travel Club to join, so I’ll have companionship and security. I am even considering getting a small dog to keep me company!”



I will miss seeing you this winter. At the same time, I am pleased that I will get to see my friends here in the mountains.

To strengthen my heart and increase my general well-being, I am still trying to work out. I go in to the university three mornings a week. I enjoy exercise once I am there, but if I don’t go in the morning, I don’t do it.

As the time for having the lumpectomy comes closer, I am having more difficulty staying in today. Yesterday I went online and looked up mastectomies — just in case I need one! And, of course, I may not need one, but it’s hard not to think about it!

I know that if they do find cancer there is a lot the doctors can do in terms of treatment and that it’s not an instant death sentence. Still, it is hard not to think about the possibility.



Jane (Jan.’09) adds “I’m still reading books and more books! Right now I’m reading Jan Karon’s first book about Mitford. If you haven’t heard of Karon, she’s from Blowing Rock (about fifteen miles from us) and has based a series of books (fiction) on Blowing Rock. So far, it’s pleasant reading and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.”



I am continuing my discernment process here in New Mexico. I have really wanted to work with the very poor, but for now this does not seem the path that God wants for me. I am not sure where it will all go.

Time will tell.

Much love,


Patience (Feb’09) says, “I have been advised by people I trust to just stay open right now, so that is what I am doing.”


Dear Frances,

I have the week off to use up some vacation time. Since I can’t afford to go anywhere, I enjoy sleeping later than five AM. I can read, write letters and work on my hook rug.

I told my husband and my daughter who’s living here now to pick a project and every day try to get at least one thing done on it. If they don’t, the basement will never get done. They both seem to sleep a lot. Such a waste!

In your last letter you wrote, “You need to make and/or find your own peace — your own happiness. You have to do whatever you can think of to enjoy life. It’s the only one you have…” I’ve been thinking about happiness. Everyone has their own idea of it. I have a verse hanging under my needle point Serenity Prayer in my room:

Happiness is not getting what you want,

but wanting what you have


I’m happy with my job. It keeps food on the table and a roof over my head. I try to think positive and try to be with others who do the same. I still pray a lot and take one day at a time.

Thank you for your letters, your thoughts and ideas and for listening.

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Jan.’09) adds, “I still focus on the thought that God has a plan for my life.”


Hi Fritzie,

During the winter holidays I thought about my middle son. He lived with us last year while he was getting back on his feet after a divorce.

Now I think he has gone off the deep end. I can’t reach him by phone. I under

stand a concern called Net Care (a mental health group) has also been trying to reach him. He has his telephone programmed to be answered with a message that says the person you are trying to reach is not taking calls at this time.

I do not know what happened to my son while he was married, but he has changed. His saving grace used to be his kindness. When he lived with us last year he was often nasty and demanding.

I have done more for him than my other children because he was so needy. However, I can not allow him to treat me like he does. He behaves as if nothing is ever his fault.

He is forty-five years old and I am really through. He is definitely on his own now.

Talk to you later my friend.


Patricia (Nov.-Dec.’08) adds, “I pray for my son daily. He is now in God’s hands.”


Love is the multivitamin of happiness.

James (Jan.’09) adds, “Many happy moments are returned by a loving spirit.”

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