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If you enjoy Ninepatch Magazine and would like to share it with others, you can link to us from your web site or blog. Here, you’ll find directions on how to do this with both text and graphic links. If you use them, please do let us know so we can link back to you. Thank you!

Linking Tips

Linking with Text:

1. place your mouse cursor directly to the left of the text portion of the link
2. holding the left mouse button down, drag your mouse to the right until all of the text of the link is highlighted
3. release the left mouse button
4. click the right mouse button and choose “copy” from the resulting windows menu
5. using your favorite HTML editor (or your blog interface) paste this text into your web page or blog
6. save your work

Linking with Graphics:

1. place your mouse cursor above a link graphic (picture)
2. right click your mouse and select “SAVE PICTURE AS…
3. when the windows dialogue box appears, save the graphic in your graphics folder
4. upload the graphic to the appropriate graphic folder of your site – or to the place where you store your blog graphics
5. once you’ve inserted the text link into your site or blog change the “your_graphics_folder” part of the link text to match the location of the graphic in your own web space.
6. save your work

Simple TEXT Link

Ninepatch Online Magazine

<a href=”” title=”Ninepatch Online Magazine”>Ninepatch Online Magazine</a>

Easy GRAPHIC Links


linking graphic

linking graphic

<a href=””><img src=”your_graphics_folder/npbutnofr.bmp” width=”90″ height=”35″ alt=”Ninepatch Online Magazine” border=”0″ align=”absmiddle”></a>